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Episode 44 - Buffy, Gore, Metal & More! with Derek Dillon

February 14, 2022 Katrina & Jasmine Episode 46
Spooky Gals
Episode 44 - Buffy, Gore, Metal & More! with Derek Dillon
Show Notes

Kicking us off in 2022, Jasmine joins forces with Derek Dillon - frontman of Dead Things, fellow horror geek, co-conspirator of tastefully tasteless Kleaver Klothing, and all-around stellar Spooky Guy.!

Did the Scary Movie films take all the fun out of Scream?
Do we like how Dexter ended?
Should Derek's grandpa have disturbed the creepy gravestone he found on the property of their sprawling, recently-acquired 200 year-old family home?

The answer to all of those questions is "f*ck no", but that's just 15 minutes of the hour.

Topics featuring but not limited to: UrbEx-ing abandoned hospitals! Brokeback Supernatural! The dad joke to end all dad jokes! Photoshoots outside the Amityville Horror house! That one time Derek and Spencer INK met Skeet Ulrich at the cinema! And again, WHY DID DEREK'S GRANDPA MESS WITH THE GRAVESTONE!!!

Say hi & check out Derek's band:

And if you've a craving a shirt emblazoned with OJ Simpson's face and a Freddy Krueger glove:
www.salem666.com // @kleaverklothing

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